Meeting our future volunteers

We held our first virtual Volunteer Recruitment Fair, and it was an overwhelming success.

Virtual volunteers

The pandemic changed so much about how we go about our working lives, forcing us all to overcome new obstacles and challenges. Like many other charities, we have adapted well to a new way of working, and recruiting volunteers has been no exception. 

Last week we hosted our first virtual Volunteer Recruitment Fair. We have received some fantastic feedback from across the three sessions we ran, and enthusiastic attendees came along to learn more about our work and volunteer opportunities.  

Thank you

We really enjoyed meeting all of you and were so grateful for the insightful questions and discussions which came out of the sessions. A huge thank you to everyone who came along.  

The sessions covered our Local Volunteer role, which entails getting involved in various activities in your local community. We also talked to our virtual audience about our Events Volunteer role. The role is ideal for those who want to cheer on our runners and support them at Pancreatic Cancer UK fundraising events across the country. Attendees also had some fantastic ideas for other ways to get involved in our work. 

A particular highlight came from one of our brilliant super supporters, Hugh, who shared his experience volunteering at our fundraising events. His story inspired and moved us – thank you, Hugh!  

Join the Purple Army

Thanks to all those that have applied for and shown an interest in our Local Volunteer position. We are so thrilled to welcome you to our purple army. 

Why Sarah volunteers

The work we do wouldn’t be possible without support from local volunteers like Sarah.  Sarah is part of a local group that organises fundraising activities in her area. She also lights up her local church purple each year as part of the Purple Lights for the pancreatic cancer campaign in order to put a spotlight on the disease on World Pancreatic Cancer Day. 

 “I volunteer so that I can raise awareness of this cruel disease, help to raise funds, and campaign so that other families don’t need to go through the same experience as myself and many other families have gone through in the past. I feel a huge amount of pride when I am volunteering that I am helping other people and helping to raise awareness of this disease. If by raising even the smallest amount of money I can help to change the lives of people who may get this disease in the future, I feel it is so worthwhile.”

First of its kind

The virtual Volunteer Recruitment fair was the first of its kind for Pancreatic Cancer UK. And due to the overwhelming success of the event, we will be back on your screens again on 19th May. But, you don’t need to wait until then, simply visit our website for more details about how to get involved

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with Pancreatic Cancer UK or other ways to get involved, please email us or check out our volunteering pages.