Living with Pancreatic Cancer webinar: Ask a Dietitian

Tuesday 29th June 2021, 6pm – 7.30pm

There are some questions our nurses are asked time and time again on the Support Line and at our online support sessions.

  • How much PERT should I be taking, and when should I be taking it?
  • What can I do if I struggle with swallowing the capsules?
  • Are there any foods I should be avoiding?
  • What changes can I make to help me gain weight?

If you have questions about diet and PERT, register now for a free evening webinar on Tuesday 29th June. Dietitian Rachel Caddy will be talking about the part they play in living well with pancreatic cancer, and there will be a Q&A so you can ask any questions you might have.

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Rachel Caddy – dietitian

Dietitian Rachel Caddy

“I am a registered dietitian, specialising in working with people affected by pancreatic conditions, including pancreatic cancer. I work at the Liverpool University NHS Foundation Trust where I work closely with the fantastic pancreatic team, seeing patients and providing specialist dietetic input focussed on using food and nutrition to maintain or improve health wherever possible, with a strong focus on optimising quality of life.

I have a keen interest in the appropriate use of pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT) in people with pancreatic conditions, and am passionate about providing education on the correct use of PERT to both patients and healthcare professionals.

I have presented locally and nationally to both patients and healthcare professionals on my role within healthcare and how supporting patients nutritionally can impact on their health, outcomes, and quality of life.

I live with my husband and baby daughter, and spend much of my time baking sweet treats (and the rest of the time thinking about what to bake next!).”


What platform will this event be hosted on?

This event will be held on Zoom Webinar. After you book, you will receive an email via Zoom with the joining details. You can join on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – any device with an internet connection.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can also dial in from a standard telephone.

For information on using Zoom Webinar, please see our step-by-step guide.

Will other people joining be able to see/hear me?

Don’t worry, only the presenters will be visible. Nobody will be able to see or hear you, so you won’t need a camera or microphone.

How can I ask questions?

You’ll be able to type questions into the Q&A box during the webinar. You can also ask questions in advance by emailing