Online support session

If you’ve had a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, join this friendly online session to meet others, share your experiences and get support.

  • Each session is an hour and a half long and held on Zoom
  • Cuppas are hosted by volunteers, rather than our nurses, who have all had a diagnosis themselves
  • Meet and get support from others in a similar situation

If you’re supporting a loved one with pancreatic cancer, our Family, Friends and Carers’ Cuppa is for you.

Who is this session for?

This session is for anybody who has had a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer – everybody is welcome, regardless of stage.

To enable everybody to share freely, this session isn’t suitable for family members, partners or friends. If you’re supporting a loved one with pancreatic cancer, please join our Family, Friends and Carers’ Cuppa instead.

What can I expect from the session?

The Cuppa is very informal and there is no set agenda. It’s a chance to share whatever’s on your mind, and chat with other people who understand what it’s like.

Unlike some of our other online support sessions, the Cuppa is not hosted by a nurse. The volunteers who host the Cuppa can share their personal experiences, but they’re not able to give medical advice. If you have medical questions, you can speak to a specialist nurse on our Support Line by calling 0808 801 0707 or sending an email.

Upcoming dates

People who joined us have said:

“The benefit of talking to actual patients and not carers was invaluable. Only cancer patients know how it feels.” – Karen from London

“The session is very helpful, especially if just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and finding out what to expect.” – Gary from Durham

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Join - you won’t regret it.

Roy from Hertfordshire

“Please consider joining a safe space, just for you! You will be amongst newly acquired friends. [You can] just listen and/or be listened to…you’re permitted to despair, to cry, to laugh…nothing is off limits!” – Denise from Yorkshire

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This was the first time I joined the Cuppa session and I will certainly book for more. To talk to folk who know exactly what being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer feels like and to hear their stories was like meeting new friends who could totally empathise with me.

Linda from Eden Valley

“It’s a scary thing to face talking to strangers about such personal matters when you have so many scary things to deal with in a short space of time. But everyone in the session has had that diagnosis, has had those moments of panic and despair and talking about it makes it a little easier, plus it helps realising you’re not the only one to feel that way.”