At Pancreatic Cancer UK we do not feel that inequalities or discrimination should exist anywhere and we actively and positively want to play a part in tackling this by being an organisation where diversity is embraced, celebrated and welcomed. We know that inequalities in society lead to inequalities in health outcomes and this is no different for those affected by pancreatic cancer, as it is for any health condition.

  • This matters to us. We believe that everyone with pancreatic cancer should live long and well, and as we drive change for pancreatic cancer, we commit to widening our reach and being responsive to the needs of everyone affected by pancreatic cancer and their respective communities.
  • We will do this by recognising the opportunities for where we can use our voice to influence and call out injustice, by seeking to raise our own awareness and understand through listening and being better informed, and by putting equity, inclusivity, and belonging at the heart of all that we do.
  • We will demonstrate our commitment through representation, support, respect, dignity, allyship and our values creating positive interactions for people we engage with internally and externally.
  • This is about who we are, what we stand for, what we won’t stand for, and recognising that we are accountable for the impact we have. We know that this is a journey and we are fully committed to proactively making changes to make a difference.