We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with all stakeholders with an interest in pancreatic cancer. Working with pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies gives us important background knowledge and expertise whilst also enabling us to achieve the charity’s mission. It can also help ensure that stakeholders have a shared understanding of the needs of people affected by pancreatic cancer.

However, Pancreatic Cancer UK does not and will not permit any company with a direct or indirect commercial interest in pancreatic cancer to influence its activities. In all of our interactions with the pharmaceutical industry we act with the upmost integrity to ensure our independence. We have a clear policy to govern our relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and our interactions, ensuring we always represent the best interests of people affected by pancreatic cancer.


How we work with the pharmaceutical industry


Sponsorship of Pancreatic Cancer UK events

We will accept sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry, for example to help pay for our Annual Summit and Study Days, as this enables us to continue our vital work bringing the pancreatic cancer community together each year and driving change forward.

Rules set out by the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) means that any sponsor does not have any influence over the event or activity being sponsored and this will always be a condition of any Pancreatic Cancer UK event that is sponsored. Organisations will have their brand recognised as a sponsor of the event and may attend as delegates but have no influence over the programme or organisation of the event.

Advisory Boards and working groups

We will work with the pharmaceutical industry to share knowledge and expertise.  This may involve the participation in pharmaceutical industry organised events such as private or public meetings and training events. As a charity we only get involved with these interactions when we think we can help shape thinking and progress for the benefit of people with pancreatic cancer, to offer our independent advice and expertise. We will not accept any form of payment or donation if a meeting or event relates to a particular pancreatic cancer drug or treatment.

Fundraising and awareness

We understand that employees within the pharmaceutical industry may want to support our work through holding their own fundraising events and activities or raising awareness during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. As a charity we welcome all support that allows us to take on pancreatic cancer, however this fundraising will not influence any of our work for people affected by pancreatic cancer.

Gifts received in 2022/2023

Bristol Myers- Squibb

  • £24,000: support of Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce


  • £24,000: support of Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce


  • £24,000: support of Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce and donation towards all charitable activities


  • £10,000: support of healthcare professional engagement programme


  • £10,000: support of healthcare professional engagement programme