Driving forward research in the UK

Pancreatic cancer research has been neglected for too long – but we’re changing this and driving forward research in the UK.  

We know that pancreatic cancer is tough – tough to research, diagnose, treat and survive. And that’s exactly why we’re taking it on. 

Research in to pancreatic cancer does not get the focus it needs. It has not been prioritised by governments, funders and researchers for many decades resulting in inadequate investment 

As well as investing in early diagnosis, treatment and care, innovation and building capacity, we’re highlighting the unmet needs of people with pancreatic cancer among some of the UK’s largest medical research organisations. We also challenge dated approaches and attitudes and collaborate to ensure what is done in the field is coordinated and effective.

Take a look at some of the organisations we are members of below


Association of Medical Research Charities

Making sure pancreatic cancer is on the agenda, and contributing insight and leadership into supporting clinical research in the UK.

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National Cancer Research Institute

Engaging with some of the largest funders of research in the UK to increase investment and awareness of pancreatic cancer.

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Open Research and Access

As members of EuropePMC and the AMRC Open Research Platform we are encouraging open, fair and quality-driven research publication and sharing.

Charities Research Involvement Group

Making sure research is informed by the lived experience of those affected by pancreatic cancer.

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National Cancer Research Institute Clinical Studies Group

Bringing together the clinical trial community to identify, prioritise and develop clinical trials to address issues with diagnosis and treatment.

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