Early diagnosis

Late diagnosis is one of the biggest issues in pancreatic cancer but we’re investing in ground-breaking research to change this 

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It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months. Survival rates have improved enormously for most cancers. But sadly, for pancreatic cancer, this is not the case.

Symptoms are often vague and not recognised. Meaning a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can take a long time, often with many visits to the doctors and possible misdiagnoses along the way.

Thanks to kind supporters we invest in early diagnosis research to get us closer to the breakthroughs we desperately need.

Through our Early Diagnosis Research Alliance and Early Diagnosis Workshop we have brought together the best minds in early diagnosis, bringing fresh new perspectives to address key challenges so that we can achieve earlier diagnosis in pancreatic cancer, faster. 

We also support innovative approaches to early diagnosis through our Research Innovation Fund scheme that aims to transform early diagnosis in the long term.

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Our research is only made possible thanks to kind supporters.

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