Let’s get pancreatic cancer in the Major Conditions Strategy

Complete the government's new survey to make sure pancreatic cancer gets the attention it deserves.

We’ve been working hard with our supporters over the past 18 months to get the government to prioritise pancreatic cancer in England. Find out about everything we’ve been doing to influence the government.

Now, we have another opportunity to make sure pancreatic cancer gets the attention it deserves.

Respond to the government’s new survey

The government’s new call for evidence for the Major Conditions Strategy is live until 27 June.

If you didn’t respond to the government’s previous call for evidence, this gives you another chance to let them know how they can better support people with pancreatic cancer.

Complete the government's new survey
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Let us know once you’ve responded – please email campaigns@pancreaticcancer.org.uk to share your response with us.

What does the survey ask?

The government’s survey includes one question on cancer which looks like this:


The cancer call for evidence published in 2022 provided useful insights that will shape the development of the major conditions strategy. However, if you wish to, we wanted to provide an opportunity to provide any further insights in this call for evidence.


How can we better support those with cancer? (Please do not exceed 500 words)

How to write your response

This question is towards the end of the survey – but you can skip through the other questions (which ask about conditions other than cancer) if you don’t want to respond to them.

There’s a 500 word limit – that’s about two sides of A4. Of course you don’t need to write that much!

  • Think about you or your loved one’s experience of diagnosis, treatment and care for pancreatic cancer – what could have been better?
  • Try to refer to pancreatic cancer throughout your response – this will help our message get through.
  • Share your thoughts in as plain language as possible, focusing on your ideas for how people can be better supported rather than problems. What would have improved you or your loved one’s experience? What do you think needs to change?
  • The Government is not expecting you to use any professional or scientific language – so don’t worry about trying to sound like an academic!
  • Bring in personal examples wherever you feel comfortable doing so – how have you or your loved ones been affected? This will really help to communicate the urgency and seriousness of pancreatic cancer, and why it needs special attention.
  • Try to include specific suggestions in your response: for example, you could ask for awareness campaigns on pancreatic cancer, investment in more research, better coordinated care, fewer delays or better support with nutritional management, such as PERT.
  • Consider copying and pasting your response from a Word document so you can work out your word count – and in case the survey times out.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can read our response to the previous government consultation.

Complete the government’s survey now

Stay in touch!

Let us know once you’ve responded – please email campaigns@pancreaticcancer.org.uk to share your response with us.

How we've been influencing the government

After launching a ‘War on Cancer’ in 2022, the government is yet to deliver on its promise to make England a world leader in cancer care.

Along with our incredible supporters we’re determined to make sure that pancreatic cancer is prioritised in the government’s cancer plans for England.

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