More research investment

We believe there should be an investment of £25 million every year into pancreatic cancer research.

A £25 million annual investment into pancreatic cancer would start to change the survival odds and reverse the historic legacy of underfunding.

This research investment would signal strategic intent, accelerate high quality early diagnosis and treatment research, and build the infrastructure to establish leadership and collaboration in the pancreatic cancer community. It could also fund early career fellowships to attract and retain the best talent.

Only with sustained investment can we build the momentum needed and the faster new approaches and treatments will come. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure research funding for pancreatic cancer is prioritised – we cannot afford for research to be set back any further.

Brain cancer case study

In 2018, the government announced the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Research Mission, which set aside a £40 million government investment into brain cancer research. This has set a precedent, showing that, when there is political will, the government can intervene and set a positive strategic direction into research for cancers that have been historically neglected.

Investing £25 million in pancreatic cancer research every year to save lives was one of the calls to governments across the UK in our Demand Survival Now campaign. 

Demanding survival

Pancreatic cancer has been absent from cancer strategies and plans far too often. That’s why pancreatic cancer survival has barely changed for decades. When governments and the clinical community come together to prioritise less survivable and historically neglected cancers, survival can be transformed.

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