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Geoffrey Munn

British Jewellery Specialist and Writer, Expert on BBC's Antique Roadshow

Geoffrey Munn 150

Geoffrey Munn is the Managing Director of a long-established London jewellery firm and has a particular interest in 19th century jewellery and metalwork.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and has written five books about jewellers and jewellery. Geoffrey is the longest-running jewellery specialist on the Antiques Roadshow and when he is not busy with jewellery, Geoffrey enjoys mudlarking on the banks of the Thames and tending his collection of bonsai trees.

"The charity has been working hard to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and ensure the disease secure increased focus and attention, but a great deal needs to be done if survival rates and quality of life are going to be improved for pancreatic cancer patients. I hope to play a role in helping Pancreatic Cancer UK achieve its aim to double five-year survival rates."