Research Involvement Network opportunity: Join a Patient Advisory Panel and help update the Quality of Life questionnaire for pancreatic cancer

SABR treatment, Pancreatic cancer

Introducing SABR treatment for pancreatic cancer

26 January 2022

In Autumn 2020, Pancreatic Cancer UK helped to submit a proposal to NHS England, asking them to commission a type of radiotherapy called SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy), for people with locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC). Now, SABR treatment has been commissioned for rollout in England, thanks to a group of healthcare professionals and Pancreatic Cancer UK's Research Involvement Network (RIN).

pancreatic cancer nurse Nicola Murphy

COVID Cancer Antibody Survey – Nurse Nicci and the NHS need your help

1 October 2021

PCUK specialist nurse Nicci encourages people to take part in an NHS survey that wants to find out how well the COVID-19 vaccines work for people with cancer.

Professor Michelle Garrett - SAB Chair for PCUK

Meet Professor Michelle Garrett

21 September 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Professor Michelle Garrett as the new Chair of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Michelle is Professor of Cancer Therapeutics in the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent


Research Involvement Network opportunity: Finding biomarkers in the blood that can predict if pancreatic lesions will become cancerous


Research Involvement Network opportunity: Share your experience on the impact of changes to cancer treatment due to Covid-19

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Take part in a study investigating the needs and quality of life of carers


Research Involvement Network opportunity: Help a research team disseminate their work into pancreatic cancer risk prediction by reviewing the plain-English summary


Career Progression Fellowships

Find out more about the Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Innovation Fund and how you can apply.


Research Involvement Network opportunity: Take part in a focus group to discuss how people that have received surgery for pancreatic cancer should be looked after and monitored.


Can exercise help people with pancreatic cancer?

30 March 2021

Taking a deeper dive into whether exercise can help people with pancreatic cancer.


Critical step towards new treatment option

1 March 2021

Exciting new research has been published by the Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge team at Barts Cancer Institute