Nicki’s Smile founder: ‘We need a simple test’

29 July 2020

Dan Blake, shares the story of his wife, Nicki, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer too late to be saved.


Our research

Declan Whyte in the research lab at The Beatson Institute in Glasgow, Scotland.

Information for researchers

Pancreatic Cancer UK funds world-leading research thorough a number of approaches. We're committed to not only funding the future leaders of pancreatic cancer research, but also to redressing the issue of underfunding in research into the disease.


Scotmid Co-operative partner with Pancreatic Cancer UK

26 May 2020

Scotmid Co-operative partner with Pancreatic Cancer UK to invest in pancreatic cancer research in Scotland


Knowledge is power, so research findings must be open for all to access

28 February 2020

Already hampered by decades of underfunding, the last thing pancreatic cancer researchers need is another barrier to overcome – a paywall.


It’s time to shine a spotlight on pancreatic cancer – and we’re making it happen

13 February 2020

If you are reading this you are probably all too aware of the shocking statistics around pancreatic cancer survival – 1 in 4 people die within a month of diagnosis; 3 in 4 within a year.


Meet Professor Eithne Costello

11 February 2020

Professor Eithne Costello is an important and established member of the pancreatic cancer research community. She gives us an insight into what life as a researcher is like and provides advice and encouragement to ambitious women who are thinking about starting a career in science.

Supporter stories

Nicki’s Smile founder Dan Blake helps fund research

29 July 2019

Dan Blake, shares the story of his wife, Nicki, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer too late to be saved - and how this he led to him help fund research to find a simple test for pancreatic cancer.

Policy & campaigning

Early diagnosis: a doctor’s perspective

17 May 2019

A&E doctor, Harriet Evans writes in support of our Unite-Diagnose-SaveLives campaign by sharing the story of how she lost her dad to pancreatic cancer.


Annual Summit 2019 – Accelerating Success

21 March 2019

Pancreatic Cancer UK, Chief Executive Diana Jupp blogs about our Annual Summit 2019: Accelerating Success and how nothing demonstrates this better than new developments in care and research to enable us to better diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer.


Pancreatic cancer to be one of ‘big four’ cancer killers in less than ten years

15 February 2017

Does dark chocolate protect against pancreatic cancer?

5 January 2016