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Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 10,000 feet, then jumping out and free-falling at over 120mph. Always wanted to skydive? Now’s your chance!

A tandem skydive is the easiest and most popular of all skydives. You will receive all the training you need on the day of your jump and will jump strapped to an instructor, who will do all the hard work – allowing you to enjoy the thrill of the jump!

Your support means our nurses can be here for those affected now and we can fund vital world-leading research and campaign for change.

By Skydiving for Pancreatic Cancer UK, together we can transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

Registration Options

Minimum Sponsorship

If you choose the minimum sponsorship option you are required to raise a minimum of £500.

  • 80% of your target needs to be raised 4 weeks before your jump and sent to Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • 30-50% of your fundraising will be used to cover the cost of the skydive. This cost varies depending on your skydive location. Please ensure your sponsors are aware of this.
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK will retain the remaining 50-70% of the target plus any additional fundraising you achieve. 

Registration fee: £70

Minimum fundraising target: £500

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Self Funded

If you choose a self funded place, you are choosing to pay for the skydive yourself. You will be required to pay the full cost of the challenge at the skydive center. 

Registration fee: £70

Skydive costs: £190 – £250 dependent on location.

Fundraising target: Set your own! We recommend setting a target of £500

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We know taking on a skydive is a big decision so if you have questions or would like to have a chat about it just let us know. 

Make a difference

Raising £522.86 could fund two days of research for one of our Research Innovation Fund projects

Our Support to you:

  • Receive a team t-shirt
  • Top tips in our fundraising booklet
  • Receive dedicated support from our team
  • Join our Facebook group

Once you’ve booked your skydive let us know so we can support you!

Any questions?

Do you have a question?  Please contact the team on 0203 535 7090 or email

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