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Facts about pancreatic cancer

Find out what pancreatic cancer is, the symptoms, risk factors, how pancreatic cancer is diagnosed, the different types of pancreatic cancer, family history and other sources of information. 

What is the pancreas?

An introduction to the pancreas including where it is found in the body and its main functions.

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What is pancreatic cancer?

An introduction to pancreatic cancer including information on the two main groups of pancreatic cancer - exocrine and endocrine tumours.

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Signs and symptoms

Find out about the most common signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

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Risk factors for pancreatic cancer

What could increase or reduce your risk of developing pancreatic cancer?

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Types of pancreatic cancer

The different types of pancreatic cancer including rarer types of pancreatic cancer.

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How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed?

The tests and investigations used in diagnosis and information on the staging of pancreatic cancer.

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Family history of pancreatic cancer

Information about hereditary pancreatic cancer - cancer that 'runs in the family', and the screening available.

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Screening for pancreatic cancer

The issues surrounding screening for pancreatic cancer.

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Useful medical words

Some of the medical words that you may hear when you are finding out about pancreatic cancer and how it is treated.

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