Help with transport

There is some support with travel costs for people with cancer.

Blue Badge scheme

If you can’t walk or find walking very difficult, you may be able to apply for a parking permit under the Blue Badge scheme.

The permit can be used in any vehicle you are travelling in, as a passenger or driver. It allows parking for free in restricted parking areas, disabled public parking bays, or yellow lines.

Your family can apply for a Blue Badge on your behalf, and you don’t have to be the driver to qualify. You can apply for a Blue Badge from your local council, or online at:

Don’t apply for a Blue Badge from anywhere else, as it may not be legitimate.

If your cancer can’t be cured, it’s best to ask for a paper form from your council, or from the Blue Badge Unit if you live in Northern Ireland. Tell them that you have terminal cancer. This may make the application process easier. If you do apply online, make it clear that you are terminally ill.

Hospital parking and discounts

Many hospitals charge for parking. However, some people should be able to get free or reduced parking charges, including:

  • anyone with a Blue Badge
  • people who often have to go to hospital for treatment, but do not need to stay overnight (an outpatient)
  • families of people who are in hospital for a longer period of time
  • people with relatives who are very ill.

Check what the situation is at your hospital.

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“The hospital my Mum was being treated at gave free passes for parking for those being treated for cancer or their carers, so it is worth checking.”

Travel to hospital

Ask if friends or relatives can help drive you to hospital. If you rely on public transport or lifts from other people, you may be able to arrange their appointments around this, although this isn’t always possible.

Some hospitals provide transport, as do the British Red Cross, local charities and support groups. Ask your nurse what help is available in your area.

If you are finding that travelling to hospital is expensive, you may be able to get financial help or claim some of the costs back. Ask the hospital staff for information on benefits and grants that might be available. Or get in touch with Macmillan Cancer Support for information about any financial support.

Updated October 2021

Review date February 2024