Black and white photo of Angela on her 50th birthday

Angela’s gift of hope

“Thank you for the wealth of support you gave me, especially Lynn and Rachel. You were always there for me, like guardian angels.”

Angela was intrepid, loud, energetic, funny, a talented novelist, a would-be Scot, a fierce Chelsea fan, a loyal friend, and a tireless mother.

After Angela was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2020, she used our online free Will writing service to ensure her loved ones and the causes she cared about were provided for. Angela chose to leave the special message above to our nurses, together with a gift in her Will to Pancreatic Cancer UK, in the hope that, one day, research into pancreatic cancer will make the pain and difficulty she endured a thing of the past.

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There is no obligation to leave a gift to Pancreatic Cancer UK, but many supporters choose to leave us a percentage of their estate after providing for their loved ones.

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Sadly, Angela endured weeks of misdiagnoses, delayed scans, and postponed appointments. It wasn’t until she went into hospital with jaundice that she received a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

By this time, her pancreatic cancer was at an advanced stage. Surgery was attempted, but the tumour was too large and too close to a blood vessel to operate on.

Despite months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Angela died on Christmas Day 2021, only 55 years old.

The gift in Angela’s Will to Pancreatic Cancer UK will ensure that her amazing spirit will carry on, supporting others who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and funding research to create a better future. We are so grateful that Angela and many other generous supporters choose to remember us in this very special way. They will never be forgotten.

After providing for your loved ones, would you consider leaving a gift in your Will to help create a better future for people affected by pancreatic cancer? Find out more below.

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Angela with her son Jamie as a baby
Angela with her son Jamie