It gave me immense pleasure to see so many people taking part to raise funds

Rakesh was one of 600 amazing supporters who walked, physically apart but virtually together, in our first ever Big Step Forward event.

I was motivated to take part in the Big Step Forward as I lost my younger brother to pancreatic cancer. My brother’s passion for helping others with the same challenges in life when he was alive encouraged me to carry on with the torch, and helping Pancreatic Cancer UK to find ways of detecting pancreatic cancer at the earliest possible stage and save lives.

This event in particular appealed to me as it was an opportunity to walk with my family to raise funds for this noble cause. We walked in our local park known as Beddington Park around Carshalton.

I, with my group walked over 7 miles on the day! I was joined by my wife, my daughter and her husband, my son with his wife, about 6 week old grandson and my niece. It gave me immense pleasure to see so many people taking part to raise funds.  And reading the stories of individuals on the group Facebook page made me emotional and determined to do more to help in lessening the pain people affected by pancreatic cancer are going through.

My wife had breast cancer – thank God she is now cancer free thanks to the hospital and staff. And my father, a few months ago, died of prostate cancer but he was very well looked after yet again by the hospitals and staff.  I will do anything for such organisations as long as I am alive to raise funds.

I would be interested to take part in this event again as helping organisations such as Pancreatic Cancer UK is very close to my heart and I am prepared to help in any way I can.