Giles, 44, was diagnosed in 2014 with operable pancreatic cancer. Read his story here.

4 February 2015

At 6PM on the 20th October 2014 (exactly 1 week before my 44th Birthday) I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

This followed a period where I had experienced some odd symptoms, itchy skin, dark urine, loss of appetite and finally turning the colour of a Bart Simpson (or maybe Homer is more appropriate!). It turns out that I was very lucky to have these symptoms as a tumour had developed in the head of my pancreas. This meant that the tumour was caught early. I had a stent put in place and the jaundice relieved, and then on the 12th November I had a Whipple procedure to remove the tumour.

I am now having 6 months of chemotherapy to be followed by radiotherapy to try and keep further tumours at bay! I have enjoyed incredible support from my wife, children and wider family. Also from friends, my company and colleagues. I feel lucky and privileged to have them around me and I am very positive for the future.

Since diagnosis I have also raised just short of £9000 for cancer research directly, and also other people around me have also raised funds on my behalf. There needs to be more awareness and research for this most deadly disease as most sufferers are not afforded the same levels of hope that I am fortunate enough to be enjoying!