‘Treatment for pancreatic cancer if you can’t have surgery’ webinar

Tuesday 3rdth October 2023, 6pm — 7.30pm

About this webinar

Join us for this free evening webinar to hear from Pancreatic Cancer UK Nurse Specialists Rachel Richardson and Lynne McCallum who discussed the non-surgical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy for those with pancreatic cancer.

There was a focus on how to prepare for these treatments and how to keep well during and in between treatments. We also covered understanding clinical trials, how they might be useful for those with pancreatic cancer, common terminology and the role of genomics.

Read on to find out more and watch the recording.

What we covered

  • Guidelines on how pancreatic cancer is treated, including how treatment decisions are made
  • Chemotherapy; what it is, how it works and the main chemotherapy treatments for pancreatic cancer 
  • Common side effects of chemotherapy and how to manage these, including how to keep as well as possible during treatment and other important considerations
  • Radiotherapy; what it is, how it works, when this is used in treating pancreatic cancer and common side effects. We will consider the difference between conventional radiotherapy and Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR)
  • Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) also called Nano-knife®; what it is, how it works and who can have it 
  • What are clinical trials, why we need them, different types of trials, and other practical aspects to think about when considering clinical trials. We will highlight our clinical trial finder also
  • Genomics and how this can impact treatment of pancreatic cancer


  • Lynne McCallum — specialist pancreatic cancer nurse on Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Support Line. Read more about Lynne
  • Rachel Richardson — specialist pancreatic cancer nurse on Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Support Line. Read more about Rachel

Watch the recording

Lynne McCallum

Lynne qualified as a nurse in 2003 and has supported those with pancreatic cancer since this time in various roles and settings. Her background is oncology; she was a chemotherapy nurse then a chemotherapy sister before becoming the HPB and NET Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Christie Hospital in Manchester. Her roles there included supporting individuals from diagnosis onwards, this included the planning, delivery and reviewing of anti-cancer treatments, and providing information, support and practical advice to individuals and their loves ones affected by a HPB or NET cancer diagnosis. Lynne joined PCUK in 2017.

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Rachel Richardson

Rachel has been nursing for over 20 years and has varied experiences of working in the NHS.  A big part of her previous roles has been particularly focused on supporting and caring for palliative and end of life patients, enabling them to have end of life care in their preferred place.  Rachel’s most recent post before joining the charity has been looking after patients diagnosed with upper gastrointestinal cancers, including pancreatic cancers, ensuring that they receive the most appropriate treatment and are fully supported throughout their cancer journey.

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