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November marks the annual Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month (PCAM). The campaign provides an opportunity for people to celebrate with loved ones who have survived pancreatic cancer, as well as remember those who have been lost to the disease, whilst raising awareness and funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

A forum for family, friends and carers of pancreatic cancer patients.

A forum for advanced pancreatic cancer issues

A forum specifically for patients only to use (e.g. newly diagnosed, recovering from surgery, having chemotherapy or patients in follow up).

A forum for any other issues around pancreatic cancer

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Sue, 57, diagnosed in 2013 with operable pancreatic adenocarcinoma

In December 2013 at the age of 57 I presented to my GP with symptoms of Jaundice - orange coloured urine, the whites of my eyes were yellow and my skin had a yellow tinge. I did not have upper back pain or stomach pains, the only other symptom I had was recurring indigestion which I put down to eating late or eating fatty food.


Sue, 53 when diagnosed with pancreatic adenocarcinoma in 2011 - as early as January 2010 I was showing signs of symptoms of pancreatic cancer starting with a change in bowel movements, stomach cramps etc. I also had a very sore mouth. Initially I was diagnosed by my G.P with thrush and a stomach bug.

Trevor's story of his wife Christine, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009 - My wife Christine collapsed just two weeks after her 59th birthday. Two weeks later she was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and was given less than six months to live. We had been married 41 years. I retired immediately to look after Chris & became her full time carer.

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Sliding down the Great Wall of China on bums, sampling local wine and the myth of the Chinese Dragon! More tales from the Wall from our Fundraising 

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The big #PurpleLights night is nearly here! We want you to light up the internet with your purple photos - here's our top tips for getting a great picture at night time.

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The APPG on Pancreatic Cancer releases the Research Inquiry report at Westminster!

More tales from the Great Wall... including the myth of the Chinese Dragon: http://t.co/irh9tcgYgu http://t.co/LQYppCxAa7

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