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In October 2014 (exactly 1 week before my 44th Birthday) I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This followed a period where I had some odd symptoms, itchy skin, dark urine, loss of appetite and finally turning the colour of a Bart Simpson (or maybe Homer is more appropriate!). It turns out that I was very lucky to have these symptoms as a tumour had developed in the head of my pancreas. This meant that the tumour was caught early.

My pancreatic cancer journey has been a little different to usual. My family and I have a genetic condition called von Hippel Lindau disease which means we are prone to tumours and cysts on various parts of the body. We attend annual screening to check for new growths. When I was called back for an MRI after my annual ultrasound in October 2013 of my pancreas and kidneys, I didn't think too much of it.

Brian - diagnosed in 2014 with inoperable pancreatice cancer. One day my son questioned me about my health (are you all right Dad?). In fact I was and had planned a week walking in the Lake District two weeks later. The very next day I became jaundiced. An urgent visit to the GP and hospital, and later that day, the doctor informed me that I may have a tumour.

Posted by:Policy and campaigning team 16 January 2015

The first pancreatic cancer debate of 2015 has been held in Westminster thanks to Nic Dakin MP.

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Tuesdays gala concert at the Royal Festival Hall was a resounding success!

Posted by:Policy and campaigning team 13 January 2015

Yesterday the Cancer Drugs Fund announced that Abraxane would remain on the list of approved drugs.

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