Information and support

  • Just diagnosed 

    Information on how we can help if you or someone close to you has been newly diagnosed, the types of pancreatic cancer and key questions to ask your hospital care team.Find out more

  • Support Line 

    Questions about pancreatic cancer? We run a Support Line for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer, through which you can access support and information about pancreatic cancer from our specialist nurses. Find out more

  • Facts about pancreatic cancer 

    Find out key facts about what the pancreas does, the signs, symptoms and causes of pancreatic cancer, familial risk and how the disease is diagnosed.Find out more

  • Treatment for pancreatic cancer 

    Find information on surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.Find out more

  • Diet & Living with pancreatic cancer 

    Find information on taking care of yourself following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, plus information on how to manage the dietary related symptoms that are a common concern.Find out more

  • Your local specialist centre 

    Specialist treatment teams for the assessment and treatment of pancreatic cancer have been established at major cancer centres. Find your local specialist centre details here. Find out more

  • Real life stories 

    Read our selection of case studies of people affected by pancreatic cancer: how people were diagnosed, the treatment they received and their life during and after treatment. Find out more

  • Publications 

    Order our publications produced for patients and families on pancreatic cancer.Find out more

  • Discussion forumThis is Alt Text 

    Join our discussion forum to talk to others affected by pancreatic cancer. The community's active members include people with pancreatic cancer as well as family and friends. Find out more

  • Clinical trials for pancreatic cancer 

    Information on clinical trials currently running for pancreatic cancer in the UK, providing information to patients, carers and families about trials that you may be able to take part in. Find out more