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  • Jamie

    24 June 2019

    Jamie was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour in 2017. He shares his experience of having surgery to remove his tumour.

    I was diagnosed 30th November 2017. I had attended A&E back in October with suspected gallstones and abdominal and lower back pain. I had further tests at A&E which showed my pancreatic duct was dilated. It was purely by fate it was discovered, and also importantly that it was discovered early.

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  • Alan P

    10 January 2019

    Alan was diagnosed with a tumour in his bile duct in 2017 – he had a Whipple’s operation followed by chemotherapy.

    In December 2017, I became ill with stomach discomfort and mild pain; I had to contact NHS 111 out of hours and was referred immediately to a GP at my local hospital’s out of hour’s service. She could see I had symptoms of jaundice, including discoloured urine and yellow skin.

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  • Jo

    9 August 2018

    Jo shares her story of being diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour.

    I started running when I was 40 and whilst training hard for a running event, I started to get regular and painful indigestion. Every time I bent over doing something physical like gardening I would get acid reflux. I visited my GP and was given omeprazole to treat my symptoms.

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