Check-ups after radiotherapy

After your radiotherapy treatment has finished you will have a check-up appointment with your medical team. This is often called a follow-up appointment.

The check-ups you have after your radiotherapy will depend on your diagnosis and the type of radiotherapy you had.

Locally advanced pancreatic cancer

If you have locally advanced cancer, you will usually have your first check-up with your oncologist four to six weeks after you finish radiotherapy treatment. This may vary depending on what treatment you have had.

Radiotherapy may continue to have an effect on the cancer after your treatment has finished. You will have a CT scan about 12 weeks after radiotherapy, to check how well the treatment has worked. If you have had SABR, you may have a CT scan six to eight weeks after having treatment. Ask your doctor or nurse when you will have a scan.

You can use the check-up appointment to discuss any questions or concerns. It’s a good idea to write down any questions you have before the appointment. We have some suggested questions you could ask.

Care after palliative radiotherapy

If you have had palliative radiotherapy to control symptoms, you will continue to be cared for by your oncologist or palliative care team (who specialise in managing symptoms). They will check how well the radiotherapy has worked, whether you need any more radiotherapy, and help manage any other symptoms you have.

Speak to our specialist nurses

You can talk to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line about your follow-up and any questions you may have.

Speak to our nurses
PCUK Specialist Nurse, Dianne Dobson, taking a Support Line call on the phone

Reviewed January 2024

Review date January 2026