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Research Innovation Fund

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One of our contributions to tackling the issue of underfunding in pancreatic cancer research is in the form of the Research Innovation Fund.

Over the last decade, pancreatic cancer only received one per cent of the cancer research budget. We want to tackle the issue of under-funding into pancreatic cancer through our Research Innovation Fund.

The aim of the Research Innovation Fund is to spur creative and cutting edge ideas and approaches in pancreatic cancer research, including those successful in other areas of cancer research that have justifiable promise for pancreatic cancer.

The Research Innovation Fund was set up to stimulate new ideas in light of very limited success in pancreatic cancer research to date. The awards are intended to support pilot work that will put the researchers in a better position to apply for larger grants with us or other research funders to take their work to the next stage. This approach is distinctive as it is often difficult for researchers to get funding for new ideas without a certain level of data. Funding like this, which allows a researcher to investigate a new direction for research, may make the difference in finding new pieces of the puzzle, leading to a better understanding of pancreatic cancer.

Our Research Innovation Fund awards can be split into four areas of research:

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Research Innovation Fund projects awarded in 2019:

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