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Research Innovation Fund

People with pancreatic cancer desperately need earlier diagnosis, new treatments and better support, yet there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in decades.

The aim of the Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Innovation Fund is to encourage and support truly unique and innovative research into the causes, treatment and detection of pancreatic cancer and the support for those with it.

The seed funding scheme will provide short-term investment to address research questions that are high risk but high reward. The focus of the work can be in any field or area of research which, in short or long term, may one day improve the quality of life of people with pancreatic cancer. We believe that innovative ideas delivered with sound and rigorously developed methodology by experts in world-class research institutes will produce results of great value, whether perceived as positive or negative. Positive results can be pursued by Researchers who will be in a better position to apply for larger grants with us or other research funders to take their work to the next stage and negative results can be shared with the research community to ensure that work isn’t duplicated, less time is wasted and new avenues of investigation are opened and pursued. This approach is distinctive as it is often difficult for researchers to get funding for new ideas without a certain level of data. Funding like this, which allows a researcher to investigate a new direction for research, may make the difference in finding new pieces of the puzzle, leading to a better understanding of pancreatic cancer and ultimately better outcomes for patients.

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Research Innovation Fund projects awarded in 2019:

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