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Join us this Remember a Charity Week and pass on something wonderful with a gift in your Will.

Together we can take on pancreatic cancer.

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Sian Kennedy was a remarkable and determined woman who spent her life selflessly giving and helping others as a district nurse. Tragically, Sian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died last year.

Thanks to a gift in her Will to Pancreatic Cancer UK, her legacy of giving lives on as her husband, Andrew, shares here:

"We both talked about the importance of how we could help others and Sian decided that she wanted to change her existing will to include a gift to Pancreatic Cancer UK, which turned out to be an incredibly simple thing to arrange.

Nothing can bring Sian back, but this gift will make sure that her legacy lives on.

Our daughter recently gave birth to a gorgeous little girl called Florence. It breaks my heart that Sian will never meet her granddaughter, but it’s good that there is another girl in the world, taking on from Sian within the family.”

Sian spent her life giving and helping other people. Through this gift in her Will, she is continuing to help others by helping us to invest in world-class medical research to find a cure for the deadliest common cancer. Sian’s legacy lives on.

We are working incredibly hard to turn Sian’s legacy into reality and will be forever grateful to her and to all our legacy supporters for their generosity. 

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