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St Ewe Eggs

St Ewe Free Range Eggs are a family run farm in Cornwall. In November 2016 they joined with us to raise awareness and funds for vital research into pancreatic cancer.

You can purchase St Ewe eggs  on Ocado online. For every carton of Boost the Roost eggs sold, 5p will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK.                

Boost the Roost...the Story
Rebecca Tonks, partner at St Ewe Free Range Eggs explains why they have chosen to support Pancreatic Cancer UK.

"Our family unfortunately carries a gene that causes acute pancreatitis. Both my father and my son carry this gene, and after many painful bouts of pancreatitis we have been on a quest to see if there is anything we could do to help reduce the impact and damage caused when the pancreas is under trauma. We learnt that researchers at the University of Liverpool are running a clinical trial that is investigating whether giving people with pancreatitis organic selenium (Antox®) and magnesium (Magnesiocard®) can reduce the oxidative damage to the cells walls around the pancreas.

"Doing more research we discovered that selenium is often found in the ground, especially in volcanic soil. In Europe, where a lot of our wheat comes from, and in the UK, selenium levels are very low.

"It was about the same time that we came across an article in a Poultry magazine highlighting a product called Sel-Plex® (organic selenium) made by a company called Alltech, that you can add to the hens’ feed. The hens then absorb the selenium and deposit it into their eggs, which means by eating the eggs we get all the benefits of selenium in our bodies. We thought we would give this a try on a flock of hens and it worked brilliantly. We trialled the flocks for nearly two years to take into account the change of seasons and conditions.

"With the hens absorbing the selenium and depositing it at a steadily high rate it was time to spread the word. In 2013, we decided to market the eggs in a red box and called the brand Boost the Roost. 

"Spreading the word about an unknown yet really important product has been a challenge for our small family business, without a huge marketing budget we have had to look at how we engage with the consumer.

"In 2015, Alltech who are a very innovative agri-tech company came across the virtues of algae and adding this to a hen’s diet to achieve high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their eggs. We found that feeding the hens algae not only massively increased the levels of omega-3 but there was also no taint to the egg (i.e. fish oils).

"It seemed sensible to combine the virtues of selenium and omega-3 to offer an amazing “action packed” free range egg, the only egg of its kind on the UK market.

"We are delighted to be able to support such an important charity close to our hearts, raising awareness and funds to support vital pancreatic research"

Find out more at St Ewe's Virgin Money page or purchase yours online.   

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St Ewe Eggs are also supporting Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. You can download their poster below.