Presentations from previous events

Diabetes and Pancreatic cancer, 24th January 2024, Zoom- Vicki Alabraba, Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Education and Research Associate, Leicester Diabetes Centre, University Hospitals of Leicester & Laura McGeeney, Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Dietitian, Cambridge University Hospitals 

Nutritional Management of Type 3c Diabetes, 20th November 2023, Zoom- Rachel Ewing, Advanced Practice Diabetes Dietitian, South Eastern Health Social Care Trust

Diabetes and pancreatic cancer, 21st March 2023, Zoom – Rachel Ewing, Advanced Practice Diabetes Dietitian from Ulster Hospital and Michelle Burke, Advanced Nurse Practitioner from SE Trust

Type 3c diabetes, 26th January 2023, Zoom – Anna Burton, Senior Specialist Pancreatic Dietitian, St James’s Hospital

Nutritional management of pancreatic cancer and type 3c diabetes, 28th November 2023, Zoom   –Rachel Ewing, Diabetes Specialist Dietitian,

Type 3c diabetes, 28th April 2022, Zoom – Anna Burton, Senior Specialist Pancreatic Dietitian, St James’s Hospital Leeds

Diabetes and pancreatic cancer, 10th February 2022, Zoom – Karen Mackie, Diabetes Specialist Dietitian and Beverly Tuthill, Diabetes Specialist Nurse from the Royal Surrey County Hospital

Diabetes and pancreatic cancer, 23rd April 2021, Zoom – Margaret Palmer, Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Managing diabetes alongside pancreatic cancer, 9th October 2019 – Louise Hopewell, Diabetic Nurse Specialist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Type 3c diabetes information for health professionals

We worked with the Nutrition Interest Group of the Pancreatic Society (NIGPS) to produce two resources about Type 3c diabetes for health professionals. This is also known as Pancreatogenic Diabetes or Secondary Diabetes. It’s a type of diabetes that’s caused by surgical removal of all or part of the pancreas, or by damage to the pancreas, for example by pancreatic cancer.

These resources are designed for you to use with your patients. The first is for people with a reduced appetite or who have lost weight, who are aiming to put weight on, and/or recovering from surgery. The second is for people who have a good appetite, are aiming to maintain or reduce their weight, and are not recovering from surgery.

Download type 3c diabetes and reduced appetite

Download type 3c diabetes and healthy living

If you have any feedback about these resources, please email

Information for your patients

Pancreatic cancer, as well as the surgery to remove it, can cause type 3c diabetes, but there is very little information available. We have a free diabetes fact sheet for patients to download, as well as useful information on type 3c diabetes on our website. This information explains everything your patients need to know and has been reviewed by clinical experts.

Fact sheet: Diabetes if you have pancreatic cancer

Tool: Diary for monitoring your diabetes

Webpage: Managing diabetes if you have pancreatic cancer