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The care you should expect and receive for pancreatic cancer

If you have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer you may feel there is a lot to take in. Your diagnosis can have a huge impact on you and your family and friends. Your medical team should explain your diagnosis and treatment options, and involve you in discussions about your care.

This page explains the standards of care everybody with pancreatic cancer should have while they are being diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer. There are guidelines for cancer care across the UK. For example, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  have produced guidelines for pancreatic cancer care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Doctors don’t have to follow these guidelines in all situations, but they must take them into account.

Use this information as a guide to what you should expect. It can help you talk to your doctors and nurses about your treatment and care. And you can use this to speak to your doctors if you feel you are not getting the care you should have.

You can also find this information in our booklet, The care you should expect and receive: Patient Charter. Download this booklet below, or order a free copy

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If you have any questions about the care you should expect, talk to your doctor or nurse. You can also talk to our specialist nurses on our Support Line.

Everyone with pancreatic cancer should have:

  1. Assessment and treatment by a specialist team of health professionals
  2. A clear explanation of your diagnosis, what it means and treatment options
  3. Timely treatment that is individual to you, and proper management of symptoms and side effects
  4. Compassion, dignity and respect as well as practical and emotional support
  5. Information and support for your family
  6. Access to well-coordinated end of life care, if needed

Information Standard

Updated August 2018

Review Date August 2020

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