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Carers Stories

The stories contained in these pages contain the views and opinions of the individuals who have written them and do not necessarily reflect the views of Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

  • Chris

    1 July 2013

    Chris's experience of his sister Nicola, 25, having pancreatic adenocarcinoma, she was diagnosed in 2013 - my sister, Nicola, began having certain symptoms. On a couple of phone consultations with her GP she was told it was the Norovirus, which at that time was quite prevalent.

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  • Aman

    1 March 2013

    Aman's experience of his mother Nila having pancreatic adenocarcinoma, she was diagnosed in 2012 - Nila was a vibrant, loving and strong woman. She was wife to Jagdish and mum to Arti and Aman (me!). At the end of January in 2012, Mum complained of fatigue and back pain.

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  • Dave & Jill

    1 November 2012

    Dave's story of his wife Jill's pancreatic cancer, she was diagnosed in 2011.

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