Anxiety and depression towards the end of life

It is natural to feel anxious, frightened or angry when you are approaching the end of your life. But you may feel overwhelmed by these feelings at times.

Anxiety and depression can be common in people with pancreatic cancer.

What can help with anxiety and depression?

Getting the right support can help you deal with your emotions. Read more about anxiety and depression, and what can help.

Talking about your worries and fears may help you come to terms with your situation. You can speak to your GP, nurse or specialist palliative care team. They can refer you for specialist psychological (emotional) help such as counselling if needed. Some people also find it helpful to talk to a spiritual leader.

Speak to our specialist nurses

You can also speak to our specialist nurses on our Support Line. They can answer your questions, talk through how you are feeling, and provide support.

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Specialist nurse Dianne

Published March 2018

Review date March 2020