Extreme tiredness (fatigue) in the last few months

This page explains fatigue and pancreatic cancer in the last few months of life.

Pancreatic cancer and its treatment can cause extreme tiredness (fatigue). This is common in people with cancer. It is different to normal tiredness because it isn’t helped by resting or sleeping. Fatigue can build up over time, making you feel physically and mentally tired. You may sleep more than usual and feel less able to do everyday things.

Lots of things can cause fatigue, including some drugs, and some symptoms of the cancer such as pain, depression, and anaemia (low red blood cell levels).

There are things that can help with fatigue. Tell your doctor or nurse about any fatigue. They can assess what is causing it and ways to manage it.

“She had days when she felt good and on those days she did what she could, and when she was particularly fatigued, she wouldn’t.”

Questions about fatigue?

Speak to your nurse if you have any questions about fatigue.

You can also speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line with questions about fatigue or any other symptoms.

Speak to our nurses

Published March 2018

Review date March 2020