Extreme tiredness (fatigue) in the last few months

This page explains fatigue and pancreatic cancer in the last few months of life.

Fatigue is common for people with pancreatic cancer. Fatigue isn’t the same as just feeling tired. You might feel drained or exhausted. It can be constant or it can come on suddenly. You may sleep more than usual and feel less able to do everyday things. You may also have problems concentrating and remembering things.

Read more about pancreatic cancer and fatigue, including tips to help manage it.

Read more about fatigue and pancreatic cancer

What can help fatigue?

  • Tell your doctor or nurse about any fatigue you have, or if your fatigue is getting worse. They can look at what is causing it and how to manage it.
  • Physical activity may help if you feel up to it. You could try a short walk or using the stairs.
  • Don’t try to do everything on a good day, as it might make you more tired the next few days.
  • Talk to the occupational therapist or nursing team about what may help. They can suggest some exercises that are suitable for you, and help get you equipment at home to make daily tasks easier to save your energy levels.
  • Use your energy to do the things that are important to you, and rest in between.
  • You could keep a diary of your fatigue to help you see what helps with your fatigue and how to plan your time when you may have more energy.

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“She had days when she felt good and on those days she did what she could, and when she was particularly fatigued, she wouldn’t.”

Questions about fatigue?

Speak to your nurse if you have any questions about fatigue.

You can also speak to our specialist nurses on our free Support Line with questions about fatigue or any other symptoms.

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Read our booklet about end of life care

To read more about fatigue in the last few months of life, download our booklet, Pancreatic cancer and end of life care: information for people in the last months, weeks and days of life.

You can also order a physical copy.

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Published April 2021

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