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We must not let the pandemic push people with pancreatic cancer to the back of the queue

Pancreatic cancer was already an emergency before the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the deadliest common cancer, with more than half of people dying within 3 months.

Surgery is the only potential cure for pancreatic cancer. Even short delays between diagnosis and treatment can lower the chances of survival.

But due to the impact of the pandemic on health services, we are seeing multiple delays and cancellations to pancreatic cancer treatment and surgery, across the UK.

Just a three-month delay to pancreatic cancer surgery can reduce someone’s 5-year survival chances by up to 17%. And because of the pandemic, in some places, delays of this length have been happening.

We are now facing a cancer emergency like no other. 

Join us to ask NHS decision makers to make people with pancreatic cancer a priority by adding your name in the link below.

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Bryony’s Story

Bryony and her young family were devastated when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She considered herself extremely lucky when she was told her cancer was operable. But then the pandemic broke and the pressure put on the NHS threatened to take away the small chance of survival she had.

Bryony Quote (1)

Bryony Thomas with her family

"I was so very lucky to live in Bristol where once the outbreak happened, they were able to think creatively and bring the cancer treatment to the dental hospital. I know not everybody had that opportunity and now many are living in areas where they face life-threatening delays."

Bryony Thomas

Let’s give people with the quickest killing cancer a chance to survive. 

With your support, we can continue to work with the NHS to make sure the voices of people with pancreatic cancer are heard. We’re clear on what must be done.

Local NHS services across the UK must take the following urgent action to give everyone with pancreatic cancer the best chance of survival:

We are calling for local NHS services across the UK to set out how they will meet these four commitments. People with pancreatic cancer cannot be neglected at this crucial moment.

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