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Pancreatic Cancer UK announced as 2025 TCS London Marathon official charity of the year

24 April 2024

Pancreatic Cancer UK is the official charity of the year for the 2025 TCS London Marathon, so "take on the ultimate test to help develop the ultimate test”


50,000 people will die of pancreatic cancer without urgent action from next Government

12 March 2024

At least 50,000 people will die of pancreatic cancer by the end of the next five-year Parliamentary term without urgent action from the next government, we have warned, as our new ‘Demand Survival Now’ campaign launches.

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Thousands of people with pancreatic cancer could live longer if shockingly low treatment rates are reversed

19 October 2023

Almost 5,000 people with pancreatic cancer could live longer, if shockingly low treatment rates were tackled through an improved care pathway, according to our new analysis. Currently 7 in 10 patients receive no treatment at all – not even chemotherapy.

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Our new app is dedicated to helping patients with pancreatic cancer

12 April 2023

We are excited to announce that people affected by pancreatic cancer will now be able to track symptoms, log appointments and share their health data with their healthcare team through a new, free, app launched by us, in conjunction with Medli Health.

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Ground-breaking research into new treatment for pancreatic cancer underway in Scotland

31 March 2023

Pioneering research into a new potentially ground-breaking treatment for pancreatic cancer has begun. The research, lead by University of Glasgow scientist Dr Seth Coffelt, aims to help make desperately needed new immunotherapy treatments a reality for future patients.  

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Cambridge researchers to improve treatment options for deadliest common cancer by understanding how it grows

21 December 2022

Researchers at the University of Cambridge will use a new cutting-edge laboratory technique to study which proteins cause uncontrolled cell-growth in pancreatic cancer and enable the devastating disease to spread rapidly.

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Over 80% of GPs fear NHS winter pressures will prevent lifesaving cancer treatment

2 November 2022

More than 8 in 10 GPs fear that extreme pressures on the NHS this winter will prevent people with pancreatic cancer and other less survivable cancers from having lifesaving treatment, according to our latest poll.


New blood test to detect cancer

24 August 2022

Our CEO at Pancreatic Cancer UK, Diana Jupp has provided commentary on the new blood test that aims to detect more than 50 types of cancer before symptoms arise. 


Only a third of GPs have sufficient access to vital scans needed to diagnose pancreatic cancer

8 June 2022

Only 30% of GPs have sufficient access ‘all of the time’ to vital scans needed to diagnose the deadliest common cancer - according to our latest poll.


Tony Audenshaw and The Wheelpackers

24 May 2022

‘The Wheelpackers’, are a team made up of Emmerdale actor Tony Audenshaw and his posse of production personnel and friends.


A third of people would wait three months or more to seek GP’s help with symptoms of pancreatic cancer

3 November 2021

Nearly a third of people in the UK (28%) would wait three months or more to seek help from their GP if they had potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The shocking figure – at least three times longer than recommended - is revealed in new polling for Pancreatic Cancer UK released today to coincide with the beginning of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.


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