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Pancreatic Cancer UK’s nursing team receive prestigious silver award

15 November 2019

Pancreatic Cancer UK's fantastic nursing team have each been honoured with a prestigious silver award by the Chief Nursing Officer at NHS England, Ruth May.


If I hadn’t broken my rib I probably wouldn’t have gone to the doctors as early as I did

13 November 2019

Steve Kelly shares his pancreatic cancer survivor story.

Policy & campaigning

We need to listen to the voices of those affected by pancreatic cancer

13 November 2019

Anna Jewell, Director of Support, Research & Influencing at Pancreatic Cancer UK blogs about the need to listen to the voices of those affected by pancreatic cancer and the survey Pancreatic Cancer UK commissioned to evidence those needs.


Deadliest cancers have received just 7% of research funding over 10 years

11 November 2019

The Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce is calling on the government to end the vicious cycle of research neglect.


Olivia Williams becomes Pancreatic Cancer UK ambassador

6 November 2019

Actor Olivia Williams has written for the first time about surviving a rare type of cancer in the pancreas to throw a spotlight on the disease and mark her officially becoming a Pancreatic Cancer UK Ambassador.


Pancreatic Cancer UK funds study to search for pancreatic cancer ‘DNA fingerprint’

29 October 2019

Oxford University researchers are testing a new technique to identify the ‘DNA fingerprint’ of pancreatic cancer in the blood of patients

Policy & campaigning

Demand Faster Treatment – a year of campaigning for change

10 October 2019

Over 100,000 of you took part in our petition, and we’ve been working non-stop to turn this people power into action


Speaking to someone who knows what I’m going through makes all the difference

24 September 2019

It’s so important for people affected by pancreatic cancer to have a range of support available to them; from our dedicated Support Line to peer-to-peer support.


“Without my mum, I don’t think I would have become a cyclist”

27 August 2019

Former racing cyclist, journalist and author, Richard Moore, writes about why he’s supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK at the 2020 Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Charity of the Year

Supporter stories

Nicki’s Smile founder Dan Blake helps fund research

29 July 2019

Dan Blake, shares the story of his wife, Nicki, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer too late to be saved - and how this he led to him help fund research to find a simple test for pancreatic cancer.


Why do we need data?

5 July 2019

We analyse publicly available data from cancer registries to identify the key issues that impact diagnosis, care and treatment of people with pancreatic cancer, and use this data to evidence and inform our campaigns.


I class myself as a lucky man

24 May 2019

Chris was quickly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and, fortunately, was able to have life-saving surgery. Passionate about raising awareness, he is now backing our Unite-Diagnose-SaveLives campaign.