Information about the supply of Creon 25,000

Specialist nurses Emma and Lynne, provide information following an update in May 2020 about the supply of Creon 25,000

Update 1 June 2022: We have been made aware that there is a temporary shortage of Creon 25,000. If you are having problems getting hold of Creon 25,000, the blog below explains how you can use Creon 10,000 to make up your dose. The manufacturers have told us they expect to have normal supply again by mid-June.

Hello, we are Lynne and Emma, specialist pancreatic cancer nurses. This blog is to provide you with some information following an update in May 2020 about the supply of Creon 25,000.

Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT) is a capsule you take orally that helps to replace the enzymes your pancreas would normally make. They help you to digest your food and absorb all the calories and nutrients. One of the brands of PERT is Creon. Mylan, the company that produce Creon for the UK, have warned of a temporary shortage of Creon 25,000 capsules over the coming weeks.

I want to reassure you that this shortage isn’t related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and there will be areas in the UK not affected by this shortage, so it may be that you aren’t affected at all.

If you are affected by this shortage Mylan also make Creon 10,000 capsules and you can use these safely to make up your dose. This would mean having to take more capsules to make up your normal dose. For example, if you normally take 75,000 with your meals (so three 25,000 capsules normally) you may need to take seven 10,000 capsules. This may seem a lot to take in one go, however it is safe to do so but if you struggle taking them all at once you may prefer to spread them throughout your meal. You can also use a mixture of 25,000 and 10,000 safely if you have both capsules. Some people will benefit from using smaller capsules for snacks and smaller meals. If you are unsure what this means for you, please get in touch with your hospital team or our specialist nurses on the Support Line. Read more about taking PERT.

We understand that if you take Creon you might feel panicked by the thought of not being able to get the 25,000 capsules. Please don’t feel you need to stockpile by getting extra supplies of Creon as this this may cause further shortages and we are assured that this is a short term problem.

If you are concerned about how this will affect you, please don’t sit at home worrying – make sure you ask for help and support. If you have a dietitian involved in your care give them a call. Your medical team or GP will also be able to give you advice.

You can get advice on taking PERT from our specialist nurses on our Support Line. You can get in touch by email at or pick up the phone and call them free on 0808 801 0707.

Thanks for reading our blog, we hope you’ve found it helpful; we know things are tough at the moment but stay safe.

Lynne & Emma