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Lynne Mccallum

Information about the supply of Pancrease®

17 November 2023

Specialist nurse, Lynne, provides information following an update about the supply of Pancrease® in November 2023.

Man drinking water as he takes PERT and eats a sandwich

Managing diet and weight loss with tips from a dietitian

11 April 2023

Our specialist nurses team up with a dietitian to provide information on coping with weight loss, diet and diabetes during coronavirus.

Woman out walking her dog, a golden Labrador

Keeping active

11 April 2023

Read our blog about the benefits of exercise, including some useful resources that can help you stay active in lockdown.


Support with the rising cost of living

25 November 2022

Find out how to get the support you need to deal with the rising cost of living, from benefits and grants to tips for eating well on a budget.


Easing of shielding restrictions across the UK

30 March 2021

Specialist Nurse, Nicci, talks about the easing of shielding restrictions being introduced from the 1st April 2021.


New coronavirus regulations across the UK

7 January 2021

With the coronavirus regulations tightening across the UK, we know that this is a difficult time for people and might be causing a lot of worry. I will explain what these changes mean for people with pancreatic cancer.

Woman with glasses smiling to camera against purple background

Information about the supply of Creon, Nutrizym and Pancrex

6 August 2020

Specialist nurses Emma and Lynne, provide information following an update in May 2020 about the supply of Creon 25,000


Making the most of your relationships

21 May 2020

Lesley Howells, Lead Psychologist and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Maggie’s, provides some useful tips for managing relationships when you or a loved one has pancreatic cancer.


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

14 May 2020

Today we have a guest blog Lesley Howells, who is a Lead Psychologist and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Maggie’s. She discusses how to manage our emotions when we are feeling overwhelmed.


Don’t suffer pancreatic cancer symptoms in silence

23 April 2020

Our specialist nurses blog about how to get help with common symptoms of pancreatic cancer during coronavirus, such as fatigue, diet and anxiety.