Exciting research hope – our Grand Challenge

Our Head of Research, Chris Macdonald caught up with Professor John Marshall, Barts Cancer Institute, to get an update on the Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge award

Research team
25 August 2020

Thanks to our supporters, it’s the biggest investment in research we’ve made to date.

Watch the videos to find out more.

  • Immunotherapy and the Grand Challenge explained Immunotherapy aims to make use of the body’s own immune system to deliver therapy to treat diseases. Find out how the Grand Challenge research project is exploring and developing this therapy to combat pancreatic cancer.
  • Exciting progress coming together for 2021 John reveals the exciting progress the project has made so far and discusses the development of the long lasting, cancer killing cells known as CAR T cells. He also talks about some of the challenges that have made this a truly ‘Grand Challenge’.
  • The impact of the coronavirus John talks us through the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the project and how the team have found innovative ways to make progress through a challenging time. View here