NICE guideline 4: Emotional (psychological) support for pancreatic cancer

NICE guideline about the emotional support you should get

4.1 Your medical team should check the emotional effects of the following symptoms throughout your treatment and care:

For example, your doctor, nurse or other members of your medical team should ask you about different symptoms and how you are feeling at different points throughout your care. This includes at diagnosis, and during and after treatment. They should support you in managing any issues you have.

4.2 People with pancreatic cancer and their families should be given information and support by the medical team, to help them manage the emotional impact of pancreatic cancer on their daily lives. This support should be tailored to their needs and the stage of their cancer, and should continue to be available throughout their care.

4.3 NICE has made recommendations about providing information and support in its guidelines, Patient experience in adult NHS services: improving the experience of care for people using adult NHS services.

Published: August 2018

Review date: August 2023