Who do I contact in an emergency?

There is information on this page about who to contact in an emergency if you are being cared for by a hospital team or if you are being cared for at home.

Your hospital team will tell you who to call if your symptoms get bad at night, or at the weekend. If you are being cared for at home and need help, you will need to contact your GP or community nurse. If you haven’t been given a number to use out of hours, ask your hospital team or GP about this.

If you are having chemotherapy you should be given an emergency number for the chemotherapy team. You can use this if you are unwell or need information about side effects.

If you live in England or Scotland you can call the NHS on 111 for advice out of hours. Or the GP answer phone message will have a number for you to call. If it is an emergency, you should go to A&E, or call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

“We had emergency numbers on a card directing us to the appropriate hospital and department.”

Published September 2019

To be reviewed September 2021