50 Squats a Day in May Challenge FAQs

Do you have a question about the 50 Squats a Day in May Challenge? Take a look at our FAQs below and we may be able to answer your question.

Are there any registration fees?

No – it’s free to take part in this challenge.

I’ve just signed up, now what?

Firstly, join our Facebook Group for this challenge. Click ‘Join Group’. Once you’re in, you can register for your fundraising pack, which includes a free t-shirt, great tips, inspiration for the challenge and a tracker to log your squats.

How long will my fundraising pack and t-shirt take to arrive?

Your fundraising pack will take 14-20 working days to arrive and will be delivered by Royal Mail.

How do I keep track of my squats?

You can keep track of your progress by using the tracker sheet provided in your fundraising pack. Or if you prefer you can use a fitness app.

Keep your family and friends updated, by updating your fundraising page and social media with the amount of  squats you’ve achieved!

What if I don’t complete my challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself to the best of your ability. Complete as many squats as you can a day throughout May.

Do I have to complete 50 squats in one go?

No! There are many ways you can take on this challenge and you can complete your squats throughout the day.  All the squats you complete over the month count towards your total.

How do I update the end date of my Facebook Fundraiser?

Facebook fundraising pages only stay open for a few days. You can change the end date of your page by following these steps:

1) Go to your fundraising page

2) Click “Edit” under the main image and headline

3) Scroll down to the box that says “Set the End Date”

4) Select 7th June 2021

5) Then click ‘Save’ in the top right.

6) Also – change the name to include ‘50 Squats a Day in May’ if you haven’t already.

Is there a fundraising target?

There is no fundraising target for this challenge. We ask that you raise what you can to help support us in transforming the future for all those affected by pancreatic cancer.

How do I raise money?

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser is the easiest way to raise money. You can set one up in just a few seconds. And then it’s easy to share the page with your friends on Facebook.

Where do I get a sponsorship form from?

You can download a sponsorship form.

How will Pancreatic Cancer UK use the funds I raise?

The funds you raise will support world-leading research to find breakthroughs in new treatments and further improve the speed of diagnosis into pancreatic cancer.

You will also be enabling us to be there for people now by supporting our services. Our friendly specialist nurses are only a call or email away. They are specialists in pancreatic cancer and can talk for as long as is needed.

How do I get my free t-shirt?

Just complete our registration form and we will send you a free t-shirt and fundraising pack. If you’d like an additional t-shirt for a team member, please email us at fundraise@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

Can I collect cash donations?

We do not accept cash donations, however if you do receive a cash donation, you can pay the funds into your personal bank account and make an online donation:

  • Donate directly onto your fundraising page.
  • Donate via our website. Please make sure to fill in the comments box ‘50 Squats a Day in May’ so we can attribute the fundraising to your fundraiser.
  • Donate via bank transfer into our account:

Account Name: Pancreatic Cancer UK
Bank: Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-71-03
Account number: 83514536
Ref: Your Name

If you make a bank transfer please email supportercare@pancreaticcancer.org.uk with your name, the date, amount of the donation and what it relates to – ‘50 Squats a Day in May Challenge’ so we can attribute the donation to your fundraiser.

Can I start the challenge earlier or later than 1st May?

Of course! You can plan when you complete your 50 Squats a Day around your personal commitments.

I have a team taking part, can they have a t-shirt too?

Of course! You can order extra t-shirts by emailing fundraise@pancreaticcancer.org.uk with the size and quantity, you would like. We have t-shirts in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large,  XX-Large and XXX-Large.

My Facebook Fundraiser has ended, how do I reopen it?

Unfortunately, if your page has closed you can’t reopen it and we will not be able to log the funds raised on your previous page, on your new page due to Facebook restrictions.

If you would like to continue your fundraising, you’ll need to set up a new page. We recommend writing a few words on the page noting how much you previously raised so that all your friends, family and donors can see.

Please note, Facebook fundraising pages only stay open for a few days and you’ll need to update the end date by following the below steps.

1) Go to your fundraising page

2) Click “Edit” under the main image and headline

3) Scroll down to the box that says “Set the End Date”

4) Select 7th June 2021

5) Then click Save in the top right

6) Also – change the name to include ‘50 Squats a Day in May’ if you haven’t already.

What is the Strava group link?

What if the Government advice around Coronavirus changes and I can’t leave the house to undertake this challenge?

We understand that the UK is still under certain government restrictions. We recommend that you always follow the national and local official Government advice and adhere to the restrictions in your area, when taking on this challenge.

Do I have to prove I've done my squats every day by posting videos?

No, we don’t need to see proof every day of your squats – we believe you. There is also absolutely no requirement for you to film and post any videos or photos in the Facebook group of yourself, at any point throughout the challenge. We love seeing all of your videos and photos, and we encourage everyone who wants to create and share their videos to do this, but we know it’s not for everyone.

If you do want to show everyone your progress each day without posting videos or photos of yourself, you could write down your squats total on the tracking sheet provided in your pack, and then post a photo of the updated tracker each day.

A friend has made a donation on my Facebook Fundraiser and it's not showing up on the page. Why is this?

Don’t worry too much, as sometimes donations can take an hour or two to show up on your page. If somebody makes a donation to your page via PayPal, this can even take a few days to display on your page.

Sometimes it could mean that you may have also created a ‘Donate’ button on a Facebook post, when you have made an update about your fundraiser on your timeline. Facebook is sneaky and sometimes creates a button for you. Unfortunately we can’t transfer these donations to show on your Facebook Fundraiser, but rest assured we will receive these donations, too.

If you are concerned about a donation missing from your fundraiser, or you think you might have created a ‘Donate’ button, and would like to talk to one of the team about it – please give our Supporter Care Team a call on 020 3535 7090  and we can look into this for you.



I'm struggling to get donations, do you have any advice?

Yes, follow some of these top tips below to help you enhance your fundraising:

  • Make the first donation yourself. When you do this, you show your potential donors how serious you are about your fundraising and how much the challenge means to you, which can inspire others to donate.
  • WhatsApp is quick and easy to use. Send the link to your Facebook Fundraiser to lots of your contacts on WhatsApp with a message about the challenge you are taking on, and how much it would mean to you if they donated to your page.
  • Invite as many Facebook friends to your fundraiser as possible, using the ‘Invite’ button. Sometimes you have to put your page right in front of people to get their attention.
  • Update, update, update! Updating your fundraiser with videos and sweaty selfies as you undertake the challenge, is a great way of showing your potential donors how committed you are to your daily squats and fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK!