John and his wife Natalie standing in front of the Sydney Opera House and bridge

John's gift of hope

For John, leaving a gift in his Will means that Natalie’s legacy will live on.

John and Natalie were together for nearly 50 years. For John, it was love at first sight.

“Natalie was a beautiful, kind and wonderful companion and wife. I can genuinely say my life was transformed by her.” 

In 2020, Natalie started to experience symptoms of pancreatic cancer. It wasn’t until she was rushed to A&E in terrible pain that she received a diagnosis and emergency surgery. Sadly, the cancer was too advanced to save her.  

“What Natalie went through was truly awful and had such a devastating effect on all her loved ones.”

John and their beloved daughter, Tammy, remain devastated by their loss. Because Natalie was diagnosed too late to be saved, she won’t be there to celebrate Tammy’s wedding next month. 

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I felt so helpless when Natalie died. But leaving a gift in my Will to Pancreatic Cancer UK gives me hope that together we can make the research breakthroughs needed to save thousands of people like Natalie in the future.


John is leaving a gift of hope in his Will to help fund ground-breaking research into early diagnosis, and better treatment and care for people like Natalie.  

Last year, we received an incredible half a million pounds from generous supporters like you leaving gifts of all sizes in their Wills. Their legacy means we can fund vital research and provide a Support Line run by our specialist nurses for people living with pancreatic cancer right now. 

After providing for loved ones, will you leave a gift of hope for people like Natalie?  

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