Unite, Diagnose, Save Lives campaign update

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined the fight for early diagnosis by supporting our campaign

In June, we launched our campaign Unite, Diagnose, Save Lives because doctors still don’t have the tools they need to diagnose pancreatic cancer early enough for life-saving treatment.  

Over 58,000 of you have stood with us to fight for an early diagnosis breakthrough and have raised an incredible £30,000. This could fund six months of research for one of our Research Innovation Fund projects. Thank you! 

Jenny, one of the faces of the campaign and a Pancreatic Cancer UK supporter, would like to share her appreciation to everyone who has signed or donated towards the campaign. 

Our commitment to early diagnosis research 

Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can take a long time, often with many visits to the doctors and possible misdiagnoses along the way. Not only do we need to have the tools and knowledge to diagnose people at an earlier stage, but we also need to make the diagnosis process faster so that we don’t waste any precious time in moving people onto potentially life-saving surgery or other treatments. 

Thanks to your support, our committed and sustained investment in early diagnosis research means that we are nearer than ever before to significantly improving early diagnosis.  

Through our Early Diagnosis Research Alliance and Early Diagnosis Workshop we have brought together the best minds in early diagnosis, bringing fresh new perspectives to address key challenges so that we can achieve earlier diagnosis in pancreatic cancer, faster.  

There will always be improvements to be made in early diagnosis and so we also support early yet innovative approaches to early diagnosis through our Research Innovation Fund scheme that aims to transform early diagnosis in the long term.  

Thanks to you 

Breakthroughs in research start with you, that is why your support is so vital. Through the projects above, we will make great strides in early diagnosis research. We hope to be able to bring you exciting updates soon from the research you have made possible.  

If you haven’t signed the campaign yet, it’s not too late. We’re so much louder when our voices come together and we’d still welcome anyone signing their name to life-saving improvements in early diagnosis. 

I’ll sign my name