Support groups

A pancreatic cancer support group is normally established to provide a place for people affected by pancreatic cancer to gain mutual support and understanding.

Attending a group can help prevent isolation by providing a safe, confidential environment with others in a similar position. It is a place where people can share their experiences of pancreatic cancer, including useful tips and ideas on personal coping mechanisms and symptom control.

Groups can be open to people with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, family members or carers of someone affected, or people dealing with the loss of a family member from the disease. Some groups may also choose to focus some of their time on fundraising, awareness raising and lobbying for change around pancreatic cancer.

Where can I find a support group?

The support groups which are currently running across the UK can be found on our listing here. You will also be able to read a little more about each group and find contact details for each group on this page.

There is also the Pancreatic Cancer Patient Group UK – ‘Living with and Beyond’ which is a unique group of people who are living with and surviving pancreatic cancer all across the UK. To find out more about this group and how to join click here.

How can I set up a support group?

Pancreatic cancer support groups are not owned by Pancreatic Cancer UK and are autonomous in their set up and delivery. If you are interested in setting up a support group then please get in touch to discuss this further.

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