Annual report and financial statements

Annual report and accounts 2022/23

See how far we’ve come and discover how your support is powering progress.

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In the past year

Thanks to incredible support from people like you, our impact for people affected by pancreatic cancer has been greater than ever. Because of you, we have had so many achievements.

Momentum for our cause is growing, as more people become aware of the injustices that have faced people with pancreatic cancer. An incredible 86,419 new supporters joined us last year to help make a difference, whether through fundraising, campaigning, volunteering or raising awareness on social media.

Because of this, together we were able to accelerate progress for people affected by pancreatic cancer by funding more research, providing more support and influencing more change.

Thank you for everything you have done so far. We hope that you will join us as we embark on this ambitious new strategy, to help bring about the transformation in survival rates that we dream of. Because together, we will find breakthroughs, give hope and save lives.

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