About our Tribute Wall

Our Tribute Wall is now archived - new tributes should be added to Together In Memory

From November 2020 the Tribute Wall is an archived website here https://archive.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/tributewall

We have a new place to leave special tributes to loved ones – Together In Memory. If you left a loving tribute on our Tribute Wall, thank you – we hope it has provided you with some comfort. We’ve now created a new online tribute space called Together in Memory, and it will no longer be possible to add new tributes to the Tribute Wall. However, the Tribute Wall will still be kept online so you can view your contributions.

Why have you created Together in Memory?

We’ve created our new online tribute space called Together in Memory, so that you can remember a loved one and celebrate their life in a more personal way. You can share photos and memories with friends and family, while supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK. It means together we can transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

Why are you stopping the Tribute Wall?

Our Tribute Wall has been in existence for five years now, and in that time website design has moved on a lot. To make sure our supporters have somewhere really special to leave lasting memories of loved ones, we’ve decided to make a completely new website – Together in Memory. We do understand that the old Tribute Wall contains some incredibly precious memories of people we’ve lost – so we don’t plan to close the Tribute Wall site. You can still visit those tributes online. However, we will be stopping new tributes from being created there – the new system is much easier to use and it is an even more special place to hold your memories.

Will I still be able to visit my tribute on the Tribute Wall?

Yes, please be assured we are not removing the Tribute Wall. You will still be able to visit your tribute in the archive site https://archive.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/tributewall

Will I be able to add a new tribute to the Tribute Wall?

Sorry, you will no longer be able to add a new tribute on the Tribute Wall.

Will my tribute be transferred to Together in Memory?

Sadly it’s not technically possible to transfer tributes over automatically. We’re really sorry about that. However, the new website Together in Memory is really easy to use – and it’s a genuinely special place to create new tributes to your loved one. See below for some instructions on how to make a new tribute.

Is there any cost to accessing Together in Memory?

No, it’s completely free to create or visit a tribute.

How do I create a tribute fund on Together in Memory?

Use this link to create a tribute fund by starting a new account on the site. And if you’d like, you can use the images and text from your tribute on our Tribute Wall.

How do I use my old Tribute Wall image and text ?

To download an image, go to your tribute, right-click on the image and press ‘save image as’. When creating your new tribute fund, you can upload this image you have just saved. To use the text simply go to your tribute, highlight the text, right-click and then press ‘copy’. Then when creating your new tribute fund, right click in the text box and press ‘paste’.

I have a problem about Together in Memory or the Tribute Wall. Is there someone I can talk to?

If you have any questions please email supportercare@pancreaticcancer.org.uk or call us on 020 3535 7090.