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Sahara Desert Trek

Rediscover true adventure in the awe-inspiring Sahara Desert. This five day trek covers 100km; passing through Morocco’s forbidding landscape punctuated by peaks, gorges, dunes and oases. At night, sleep under Africa’s star strewn skies and enjoy traditional Berber hospitality.

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When: Charity Challenge run the treks from June to October. Take part on a date that suits you. 

Participation: The team size will be between 20 and 30 participants.

Preparation & Training: Training and a good level of fitness is definitely required due to the terrain and high altitude.  Anyone who leads a fairly active and moderately healthy lifestyle should be OK with training. Remember the more time you put in training the more you will get from the experience. 

Fundraising Options: 

Pay a registration fee of £150.00 when you book
Then a balance of £1,210.00 
(8 weeks before your challenge).
Raise as much as you can for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Registration fee of £150.00 when you book.
Raise a minimum of £2,470.00 for Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

Registration fee of £150.00 when you book.
Then £145.00 towards challenge costs 
(8 weeks before your challenge).
Raise a minimum of £2,175.00 for Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

Whatever fundraising option the team at Pancreatic Cancer UK are here to help!

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