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The Big Step Forward

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Sign up to our new virtual edition of The Big Step Forward – Pancreatic Cancer UK’s very own walking event. 

Join us and hundreds of others on Saturday 25th July.

We'll walk physically apart but virtually together across the country, to fund pioneering research and stamp out pancreatic cancer.

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Setting out from a location of your choice, you can walk 1 or 4 miles, or set your own distance. A live stream of the event will bring the community together. 

Whatever the distance, every step you take will support world-class researchers to speed up diagnosis and improve treatments, transforming the future for the 10,000 people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every year in the UK.  

Whether you, a friend or family member are affected by the disease now, or you’re remembering someone you’ve lost, we can stand together to save lives. 

Join The Big Step Forward

Pancreatic cancer is a tough one. Tough to diagnose, tough to treat and tough to survive. It does not stop during a global pandemic and thousands of people up and down the UK will still be facing this cruel disease. But with your help, we can continue to be there for them now – and we can transform the future.

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Take a look at our handy Flagship Event FAQs page. 

If you can't see an answer to one of your questions, please contact the team on 0203 535 7090 or email your questions to thebigstepforward@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.