Take part in a study investigating the needs and quality of life of carers

Give your insight as a carer of someone with pancreatic cancer as part of this Pancreatic Cancer UK funded study


About the study

Mr Sanjay Pandanaboyana’s team at Newcastle University were awarded one of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s 2021 Research Innovation Fund awards. Their project has been supported in memory of Michelle Barrows.

Title: The PAN-CARER study – Assessing impact, needs and quality-of-life among informal carers of people with pancreatic cancer: a prospective pilot study

When someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, family members and friends often assume the role of informal caregivers, which can be incredibly challenging and take a significant toll on their lives.

For the first time in the UK, this research team will be investigating the impact, needs and quality-of-life among people caring for a loved one with pancreatic cancer. The experience of caregivers will be carefully analysed, with the aim of identifying key services and support that informal carers desperately need. If carers feel better supported and equipped, this can have a positive impact on the patient too, transforming their wellbeing, quality-of-life and experience living with pancreatic cancer.

Recruitment of Carers

The team are now recruiting carers that they can speak to, to understand the experience of being an informal carer to someone with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. If you are interested in taking part, please read the below information and get in touch with the team.


They would like to speak to anyone (over 18 years) who provides support for, or has supported, someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within the past year (e.g. you might be a spouse, family member, friend).


The team would like to interview you, to hear about your experiences  of caregiving. They will also ask you about any support you have needed and whether this has changed over time.


The interview will be at a time that suits you and last 60-90 minutes.

It can be by phone or video call through Zoom or Teams (they can help you with these if this is new to you).

Usually there will be only one interview but if it is easier for you they can do the interview over 2 or more sessions.

Next Steps

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information then please send an email to: pancarerstudy@newcastle.ac.uk

Please note: The team are trying to get a range of views and experiences through this research. This means they may not be able to interview everybody who shows interest. They hope you understand and very much appreciate you taking the time to show interest in this study.