Research Involvement Network opportunity: Input into an initiative that is exploring patients and carers views on what the priorities are within research

The Initiative

Dr Anna Taylor, from the University of Leeds, is trying to identify the research priorities that are felt to be most important to pancreatic cancer patients and carers. She has created an online survey that she would like patients and carers to complete to find out what they think the priorities for research into the impact of pancreatic cancer should be. The survey will explore: diagnosis, treatment experience (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy); physical health (e.g. nutrition, exercise); psychological impact to patients and carers; practical and emotional support offered. Following a review of the literature to confirm these research gaps, a workshop attended by patients and carers will be held to identify the key priorities. Attendees will be invited to contribute to the writing of a paper if they so wish, which will then be published and disseminated. All attendees will be recognised in the acknowledgements of the paper if they consent.

How this work will benefit people with pancreatic cancer

This work is prioritising patients and carers views on what the important priorities are within research. Once the discussion and reflection are published and shared with clinicians and researchers, this will impact the way they think about the needs of the patient and will hopefully guide the research they chose to undertake, ensuring it is meeting the important research priorities.

The opportunity

Dr Taylor would be very grateful if members of the Research Involvement Network could complete this survey to give their opinion on the research priorities of patients and carers. Please note there is no obligation to share your personal details, you are more than welcome to complete the survey anonymously if you would prefer. If you wish to complete the survey, please do so by 10th April 2022.

There will then be a workshop held via Zoom on 20th April at 10am, which will be a chance for those that completed the survey to speak directly with Dr Taylor and discuss their answers. When you complete the survey, you can indicate whether or not you would like to attend the workshop. If you would like to attend, please ensure that you include your name and email address.

What sort of commitment is needed?

There is significant flexibility in terms of commitment; participants may take part in the survey only if they so wish, the workshop in addition to the survey, or may make a commitment to support with authorship of the paper as well.


If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact the Research Team (