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About the tribute wall

Every life lost to pancreatic cancer matters, and that's why we've created an online space where people can leave tributes about loved ones who have died of pancreatic cancer. We recognise that so many of our supporters have very sadly lost someone to pancreatic cancer, and so we hope the Tribute Wall will provide you with a source of inspiration and lasting memories. The Tribute Wall will remain on our website as a permanent fixture, and multiple tributes can be made for the same person.

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting this tribute I understand that my text and image will be publicly available on the Pancreatic Cancer UK Tribute Wall. Furthermore, by submitting and publishing this tribute, it will be publicly available for sharing via social media.


I've submitted my tribute but I can't see it on the wall?

Each tribute is quickly reviewed by the Pancreatic Cancer UK team before it is published on the wall. We do this to ensure security as well as checking the image uploads correctly. There may be a short wait before your tribute is published, especially if you submit it over the weekend. When it is live on the site you will receive a Thank You email with a link for sharing your tribute with friends and family via social media.

Why isn't my photo uploading?

It may be that the file you're trying to upload isn't supported by our Tribute Wall. Ideally, images need to be saved as a .jpeg file. If you're having trouble and can't upload your image, pleaseĀ send it, along with your tribute detailsĀ and the team will upload it for you.

What if I don't have a picture of my loved one?

You can still submit your tribute and the image below will be used in the place of a photograph.

How will my photo be used?

Pancreatic Cancer UK will only use your supplied image on the Tribute Wall and will not use it for any other charity communications unless prior permission has been sought.